At this time, Naptime Knits only ships within the United States. 

All orders are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS Priority and should arrive within 1-5 days.  Be mindful of possible shipping delays around the holidays when looking to place an order.  

As of October 3, 2021, the USPS has increased prices and delivery times. 

Items from the Nap Blanket or Blissful Pet Bed collections may ship in a vacuum/space saver bag.  This is to cut down the size of the box needed, which drastically cuts down the shipping price! (About a $20-$30 savings!)  PLEASE keep this bag for future use - whether that is storing linens, packing for a trip, etc.  They’re really great bags! 

$0.00 - $45.00 $9.00
$46.00 - $140.00 $12.00
$141.00 - $250.00 $18.00
$251.00 and up $22.00